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Derek is the hubby of the loveliest woman under Heaven—she goes by Mandy, or mommy, most days. He’s also called daddy by the four most amazing kiddos in the universe—Caleb, Noah, Joshua and Glory. He especially enjoys hang-out times with the family (most preferably on a beach), rocking the double stroller while taking warm-weather strolls (or cold-weather sleds) with his aforementioned wife and children, and tickling them too. As if being a hubby and daddy doesn’t keep him occupied enough, he also currently serves as the founder/director of the Greater Peoria House of Prayer, an evangelical Christian missions organization located in Easter Peoria, Illinois focused on day and night prayer with worship as well as community service. Suffice it to say, it’s a passion of his. In his free time, Derek can usually be found reading a good book, strumming his acoustic guitar, sipping coffee with a friend, minimizing the ever-increasing honey-do list on the home front, watching a sporting event (preferably hockey) on television, or—his sweetie’s favorites—changing diapers and washing the dishes.

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