Dream: Pray for Trump


A night or two before the State of the Union address (Tuesday, February 5, 2019), I had an interesting dream that the Spirit has brought to my recollection enough times since that I’ve decided to share it. In the dream, I was sitting in the front passenger seat of the president’s car during a motorcade that was slowly moving past a middle school, I believe it was. I clearly remember seeing all the happy children outside waving at the president and the long procession of vehicles as we drove by. I turned to look behind me and saw President Trump in the seat right behind mine. He was leaning forward sort of hunched over and from what I could tell was intently reviewing documents for an upcoming speech. He looked a bit tired, which comes with the territory, I suppose. But when I looked back at him, what struck me most was a sense of the awesome responsibility he has to lead our country and the free world. It was a divine dream-like moment that I believe God wanted me to experience in order to bring more clearly to my attention the sheer weight of his job, and that he needs informed intercessors in his corner praying that he will lead our nation into God’s righteousness and peace, truth and justice, life and liberty.

This dream reminded me of another vivid dream I had during the Obama administration. If I remember correctly, it was during President Obama’s second term and prior to the Iran nuclear deal (which essentially exchanged billions of dollars for a more formal commitment to a peaceful nuclear program). In the dream, I was leading a prayer meeting in which the power of God was manifesting in a way I can’t really describe in words—there was just this feeling of incredible power in the room. I prayed from the front on the microphone, “Lord, give the president (Obama) strength to make wise decisions!” I had that uncanny dream-state clarity in which I understood two things distinctly: 1) that prayer is vastly more powerful than we typically recognize, and 2) that the crushing responsibility of the presidency, along with the debilitating spiritual warfare, can lead to a weariness that produces really unwise decisions. Tired, worn out people make poor decisions, after all.

That being said, let’s purpose to keep praying for the utmost welfare of our president, his family, the current administration and our nation. I believe this to be the most practical takeaway from my recent dream. It’s a simple reminder that we as Jesus’ church—every single one of us—have a role to play through prayer in helping our president make the best and most biblical decisions for the United States of America and the world. I know it can get hairy and complicated due to the toxicity level of political discourse these days, but as believers let’s not allow the spirit of intimidation (or our own staunch opinions) keep us from that secret place of spiritual authority that can make a very tangible and lasting difference.

Would you join me in keeping President Trump and our entire country in your frequent and fervent prayers? If so, consider posting a comment to let me know!


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Photo by History in HD on Unsplash.

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