The God Who Loves Kids

lucas-favre-489526-unsplashA couple of months ago, on September 13, I posted this on Facebook (and I’d actually been thinking about posting something like it for quite some time—probably for a couple of months):

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how well God treats my kids.

The way He has answered their prayers for Lego sets, Pokémon cards and money. The way He has surrounded them with such loving family, friends and neighbors. The way He frequently moves on people’s hearts to bless them with thoughtful little gifts (usually involving sugar, haha). For example, just in the last week or so, probably four or five people have handed me cash or coupons or gift cards telling me to take the kids out for ice cream or donuts or food or some combination of the three. There are so many ways He just ridiculously blesses them (way too many to mention in this post!).

It’s honestly the greatest joy in the world having a front row seat as I watch the Maker of heaven and earth love on my little ones and draw their hearts to Himself. Seeing it all unfold over time has strengthened my faith and trust in the Lord more than I ever would have imagined it would in the pre-kiddo era. God has always been so incredibly good and kind to me, but seeing Him be such a gracious Father and Shepherd to my little ones has been, and continues to be, a whole other level of special.

Well, along these same lines, last week during my Sunday night hockey league game, my nine-year-old boy Caleb noticed a guy trying to buy a drink at the vending machine without any success. It wasn’t taking his dollar bill so Caleb asked if he could help him out by doing the ol’ dollar straightening trick I had shown him at some point (the guy was probably nice enough to act like he didn’t know what it was, haha). After Caleb got it to work, and brought the drink to the guy, the kind soul extended a handful of money to my wide-eyed boy and said, “Remember to keep doing kind things for people and also to listen to your mom!”

Later that evening, Caleb gave me the full report of what had transpired. The big grin he was wearing as he shared about how he’d become six or seven bucks richer made it obvious that his night had been made and, therefore, my night as well. I so appreciate people’s kindness toward my little guys and gal. Truth be told, though, this sort of thing happens often enough that it moves me to a place of grateful worship of the behind-the-scenes God who’s directing hearts to be gracious to my kiddos. He treats them so well and in doing so cares for my own heart.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again (many times more, in fact): God is reaching me by loving my children. He knows that by blessing them in small personalized ways that He’s not only developing a history and story all their own, but He’s simultaneously revealing to me that He genuinely cares for them. Not just in ethereal theological ways, but in real-life, day-to-day, “I’m thinking of you” tangible kinds of ways. And each time He does, my heart exclaims with a bit more confidence, “God, You’re a real Father—not just to me, but to them too! Jesus, You really do enjoy the kids! Lord, You’re still calling the little ones to come to You!”

Rest assured parents, we serve a God who loves kids—a good and caring Shepherd who’s kind to the littlest of lambs.


What are some of the ways—whether it be big or little—that God has blessed your kids? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

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Photo by Lucas Favre on Unsplash.

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    Finally read this. Love it❤️

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