My Beautiful Wife


I’m pretty sure I’ve never met anyone as selfless as Amanda Irene Kistner. Just in the last 24 hours she prepared an early dinner so that our family could be on time to our main weekly gathering at the house of prayer, at which she wrestles with four energetic kiddos for two hours plus. She then got up a few times in the middle of the night to check on one of our boys who wasn’t feeling the greatest only to then get up early this morning to take care of another little one who decided that she wanted to be first out of bed for the day (again). Mandy arranged for grandparents to come over this morning so she could see a client for her work as an in-home nurse which will involve even more selflessness to provide special care for an aging individual. Last night, she asked me to help with the dishes at about 9 p.m. and I wish I could say I was a more enthusiastic helper with all she had going on, but you know, I’m just not at her level yet.

This is not an irregular day for Mandy or our family. This is, in some way, shape or form, what nearly every 24 hours is like and I’m leaving out pretty much lots of regular stuff for the sake of space and the lack of memory. (I can’t even remember routine things past like 12 hours in order to save space in my CPU.) Things like getting kids dressed and ready to go somewhere, washing stinky boy feet, preparing bedtime snacks and milk, finding a misplaced blankie (that if unfound will cause a shift in the gravitational pull of planet earth—in other words, it’s very serious), and on and on and on—and, again, I’m forgetting things.

This is what I admire about my wife and consider a mark of true beauty—that she surrenders her life so much again and again and again because of her love for God and her family. It’s hard for me to fully appreciate everything she does because, even as her husband, I don’t see all of it (perhaps not even most of it). But of what I do see, I’m blown away and grateful—and challenged. My wife gives up her own life over and over, every 24 hours, when it’s easy and when it’s hard. Well, it’s never really easy, it’s pretty much just hard or less hard right now.

Another thing I admire about my sweet Mandy is that she takes time to frequently send me encouraging text messages, even after rough sleepless nights due to heightened nocturnal kiddo activity. She also has God dreams fairly regularly and will take the time to type them up early in the morning and send them to me so I can read what the Lord is speaking to her at some point in my day. She even volunteers frequently at a local hospital in order to minister to patients who need encouragement and prayer. Many times people will decide to give their life to Jesus because she simply visits them and asks how she can care for them.

Anywho, you probably guessed it by know. I’m a big fan of this Mandy gal. She shows me what Jesus looks like day in and day out and I’m so very grateful for it. Her continual surrender to the life God has invited her into is beautiful to me. The way she carries her heart with that vibrant attitude of selflessness puts a smile on my face, and God’s face too.

I simply wanted a few of my readers to know this about my wife today, just because. And it’s my prayer that just as the Bridegroom cherishes His bride, each of us will learn to see the good in our spouse and cherish them for it.


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