Blazing Again – Part V


“And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.” (Luke 24:27)

Let’s back up for just a moment this week to try and appreciate the gravity of Jesus preaching Jesus. For some reason—I’m thinking it’s the Holy Spirit—I feel like we really need to internalize this.

As we’re examining this road to Emmaus narrative to see how our Lord leads us to find that fire and life within, we’re inevitably brought to the very crux of the methodology He employs. To ignite us or to reignite us will involve some way, shape or form of Him revealing Himself to us through the written Word, the Bible.

As New Testament disciples of Jesus, we must never graduate from the simplicity of taking time regularly—I recommend daily—to read the Scriptures with a heart of prayerful devotion. This places us near the fire, so to speak, and positions us to get warmer and warmer over time. Eventually our heart is steadily burning with life and passion and our love for Jesus remains hot.

At first, it may seem so simple that it’s not even worth doing, but I want to assure you that spending generous portions of time at the feet of Jesus while studying the Good Book and listening for that quiet voice from above is God’s chosen means to set us and keep us ablaze. It’s this still and hidden place of contemplation where the Spirit reveals God and the unveiling of His goodness, loving kindness and tender mercy invigorates deep places of the soul.

Friend, let’s be reminded that passion for Jesus is not ultimately a festive personality or a burst of excitement at a church service, but a genuine inner fire that steadily burns from that said place of devotion. The more quality time we spend in the presence of the all consuming fire Himself, learning from Him, listening to Him, speaking to Him—the more that place on the inside, our inner man, is truly awakened and alive in God.

Jesus taught that our spiritual life requires the words that come from His mouth as much as our physical body requires nourishing food. I can’t think of a better biblical picture of this than Mary of Bethany who is recorded in the gospels as sitting at the Christ’s feet. She, in turn, heard His word. She positioned herself, she heard, she learned and she, therefore, had life that others didn’t have, namely her sister who served so excessively that she didn’t have time for God.

Let’s be like Mary and allow Jesus the space to teach us and reveal Himself to us day after day. He has so much to share with us. I honestly cannot think of anything more important than taking time to stay current with God. May it be our sacred priority each and every morning, afternoon and night. May this heart, a heart of devotion and willingness to learn each and every day from the greatest Teacher ever, be an unwavering commitment made possible in us by the grace of our God.

I imagine that every time we get alone with God it’s like a a fresh log thrown into the fireplace. If we keep throwing logs on the pile, the flames continue. So let’s keep tossing them in.

As we do, it won’t be long before we’re blazing again.


Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash.

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